Nookafied: An interview with Matthew Waldman

Matthew Waldman is a foward thinking innovator who patented a new way to tell time with his NOOKA watches. I had the opportunity to meet him right after moving to Tokyo when I took a huge step towards my own creative actualization. I passed by his main offices in New York when I was there last year, and picked his brain a bit about the industry, his motivation and a few other topics. Enjoy.

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Birdimus Parody #2: Movie poster

“When the lights go out, he goes in.” Dreamed up this concept this evening, snapped a few choices pictures, dibbled in photoshop and came up with this.

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Birdimus Parody

Expression of my comedic side. This might be the first in a series.

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Zombie VS Heineken

Would you fight a Zombie for a Heineken? Watch the video and find out!


This was my entry for a competition that asked people to use their talents across the areas of Fashion, Film, Art and Music to create Heineken based inspirations. This is my concept. Enjoy!


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These Heineken Inspire Ticket Invites are pretty cool

I like the creative approach Heineken is taking in the promotion of its finale event for “Heineken Inpsire” a competition which ended a week ago where people entered Heineken-themed “inspirations” in the areas of Film, Art, Music and Fashion design. The finale is being held at the Kingston Railway Station (a place i’ve never been ) and I’m pretty curious to see how they’ve set the place up for this event. The tickets and invitations perfectly represent the vibe of trains and stations.
Nice green envelope.

I definitely needed this because myself (like most people) have never been to the railway station.

The ticket you need for access.

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please vote for me in the Karma Loop 2012 Brand Battle!

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New Bird Portrait “Count of Monte Crisco Oil”

Another in the series i’m doing of Birdimus portaits. The Count of Monte Crisco Oil!

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Testing a few new t-shirt designs!

Put some new designs on some sample tees so see how the size and format feel.

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Vicente Garcia Jiminez wins ELLE DECOR award

Vicente Garcia Jiminez is an industrial lighting designer based in Milan.  He was selected as the Spanish ELLE DECOR designer of the year. I had the pleasure of meeting Vicente in Tokyo, and I’m happy to see that he’s won such a prestigious award. He’s a very upbeat and talented individual, please check my past interview with him below:

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Birdimus Self-Portrait Series

Since  2010, I had my facebook picture as a flat 2d representation of myself. I like the idea of a person getting a different sense of me through such an image. In January this year, I hit a creative streak and ended up doing many variations across several pop culture themes. I’m not sure exactly how many i’ll end up doing, but I feel that I have at least 30 in me : p

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